Great Opening Numbers

It’s catchy. Grabs your attention immediately. Makes the proper introductions and welcomes you. What is it?  It’s the Opening number.

Here’s two (2) great Opening numbers:

The first: “Welcome to the Rock” from the Tony nominated COME FROM AWAY. How does a small Canadian (Newfoundland) town respond when 7,900 scared, disoriented, travelers are literally dropped into their town after 9/11?  Without hesitation, the entire Town of Gander, NL pitched in to treat the strangers with kindness and compassion.


The second: “When You’re An Addams” from the current ADDAMS FAMILY MUSICAL production- Addams Family UK National Tour.  This is a slicker updated version of the 2010 Broadway production of Addams Family Musical.  Here, Cameron Blakely plays the perfect “Gomez”- charming, gregarious, and eccentric.