Great Opening numbers

It’s catchy. Grabs your attention immediately. Makes the proper introductions and welcomes you. What is it?  It’s the Opening number.

Here’s two (2) great Opening numbers from current productions–on Broadway and in the UK:

The first: “Welcome to the Rock” from the Tony nominated COME FROM AWAY. How did a small Canadian (Newfoundland) town respond when 7,900 scared, disoriented, travelers were literally dropped into their town after 9/11?  Without hesitation, the entire Town of Gander, NL pitched in to treat the strangers with kindness and compassion.


The second: “When You’re An Addams” from the current ADDAMS FAMILY MUSICAL production- Addams Family UK National Tour.  This is a slicker updated version of the 2010 Broadway production of Addams Family Musical.  Here, Cameron Blakely plays the perfect “Gomez”- charming, gregarious, and eccentric.


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